Karamo is the grassroots party chairwoman

Donald Trump putting his stamp of approval on Pete Hoekstra and undermining the actual legally seated Republican state chair, Christina Karamo, is very bad for Michigan and the Republican Party.

Trump has endorsed corruption, perhaps unwittingly. The people that “voted” in Hoekstra on Jan. 6, 2024 did not do it legally or according to the bylaws of the Michigan Republican Party, and are carrying out their plan against the will of the 2,100 elected delegates, of which I am one, who voted for those bylaws and Karamo by a landslide at the last state convention (2023).

Just for clarification, at the last Alcona County Republican meeting (January) I asked our local county chair who she regarded as the legal state chair and she said unequivocally, Karamo. I gathered that every member at that meeting was in agreement with this; I am considering putting this recognition in a formal resolution stating such. Why? So that the public can see and understand what is going on.

When the national meddles in the state and grassroots, such as Trump endorsing a rogue leadership team in Michigan, it is not good. It will destroy the grassroots and hand power over to the money camp so that we, Michigan Republicans, can all take a chill pill (blue pill) — the one that we have longed for and are addicted to — and we can all go home, return to the status quo, and feel really good about the business of making America great again.




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