Grateful for the care of Besser Senior Living

This letter is to publicly express our sincere gratitude to Besser Senior Living local management and staff.

Our parents were able to enjoy the last years of their life at this fine facility, enjoying the privacy of their own apartment along with unparalleled services.

Besser staff and management go above and beyond in their services to folks lucky enough to live there. We often joked that it is like being on a cruise ship without the water. Residents are treated with loving care, respect, and privacy.

They bend over backwards to make time there entertaining, energizing, and custom fit to each resident’s need. We never heard “no”, but rather always the assurance that there was a way to honor nearly any request we made.

The food is extraordinary, and all the staff cater to each individual need to the best of their ability. We could not have asked for a better group of people, or a better way to assure the health, safety, and socialization of our parents.

When the time came to utilize the service of Hospice of Michigan, Besser and Hospice of Michigan did an excellent job of coordinating care. They made understanding and following a plan of care much easier.

Alpena is lucky to have such a fine facility staffed by the best people you will find anywhere. They all exhibit the best of our community, and we are grateful for their dedication.

Georgene LaFleche Hildebrand, Bruce LaFleche, Joanne LaFleche Gallagher,



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