Politicians need to work for the people again

How did politicians’ views become so extreme? ‘We The People’ have literally turned over our country’s democratic future to politicians and the oligarchy who can buy, well, a Supreme Court!

Perhaps this ethical breakdown we are experiencing started when corporations became “people…with equal rights” to humans. Or the audacious ability of politicians to lie, cheat and abuse whatever law they choose without consequences. This narcissism makes politicians believe that they, no one else, must be in charge of every aspect of Americans’ lives, changing constitutional interpretations that support and care for all peoples’ rights. The idea that these actions might be wrong, egregious and unethical or that opposing views might have some validity is so alien to this new breed of politician. Our country has become a stage for extremists.

Why do we continue to stand by when politicians let children die from weapons of war in schools, law enforcement forget their oath to ‘Protect and Defend”, and the ruling rich continue to profit off the backs of working people? The Constitution of our country was framed in a way to be fluid across centuries. To take into account that change is a good thing; what fit the lives of people in 1776 does not fit the lives of people now and in the future. We should be moving forward, not backwards.

The simple truth is that the increasingly dysfunctional men and women in governmental positions are not interested in the difficult choices necessary to win the war against extremism. Your vote is critical to maintain our democracy. Start to find out the truth about the politicians and proposals on the ballots this fall and how they are going to affect you and all of ‘We The People’s’ lives.




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