Upgrades can make beaches, parks better

After reading the recent article about Alpena Rotary Club looking to explore upgrade options, I love our splash park and it’s been a wonderful asset in our community, especially for those who are unable to get down to the beach/water. It did get me thinking of other upgrades to make our beach/park even better and more inclusive than I have seen in other towns.

My stepson is wheelchair dependent and it’s difficult to find things for a child to be entertained with during the summer when all of the other kids are at the beach or the playground. We enjoy the splash park because we can drive him around in there in his wheelchair.

I think a great suggestion for some upgrades would be handicapped accessible playground equipment. We often have to take the kids (because we have other children who are not special needs) to Pied Piper playground to have something for all of the kids to play on. Another option would be beach access mats. They allow for a person in a wheelchair to ride over the sand to get closer to the water. We try to get creative during the summers and would love to be able to take all our kids to the beach without making one feel left out.

It’s a beautiful park and our water front is one of many things that make our community stand out from others. Let’s make it so we can all play too.




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