On March for Life and gun violence solutions

Last weekend saw peaceful demonstrations across America, as well as in Alpena, with citizens seeking solutions to the epidemic of gun violence in this country. This is an issue that hardly exists in many other countries around the world. Something that is very unique to America. Last weekend also saw counter protesters showing no apparent concern for finding a solution. In a sad show of their stance, profanities were given either with signs, clothing, vocally or indicated with a middle finger. This group included people running for elected office in Northeastern Michigan. Others raced around in their pimped-up pickups, gunning the engines – Hey, it’s not my $5/gallon gas you’re wasting. Most were adorned with their weapons. The actions appeared more as a show of their manhood, hatred toward others, and that they just don’t care. They are sold the line of not giving an inch on any gun issue. There are solutions to the gun violence issue and it’s not just the “thoughts and prayers” as too many in office continue to offer. Vote and vote carefully.




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