Whatever happened to kindness, decency?

In this troubled world today, it’s difficult to talk about religion and/or politics. In the USA, we’re lucky to do so with our limited freedom. Too many hypocrites claiming to be justified. Don’t like your neighborhoods, but want credit for sainthood. Many attend church only for a funeral and then back to their judgmental attitudes gossiping. People divorce and then live with their lovers without an annulment or shame to save money – it’s all about the profits and what success means to get ahead.

We all shall be held accountable for our actions. God is watching and keeping track. One needs to follow the rules – they’re in the Bible.

I questioned my existence in 2020 when my spouse died of COVID-19. Neighbors and relatives were scarce, but available for the tools and tractors and wanted more. No help with the promised snow plowing or sleepless nights. Where was the respect and common courtesy today? I’ve always paid my way, asked for very little and worked two jobs for 40 years. I was traumatized, I had only my faith and FEMA to help me.

So Clyde, I suggest praying for all the lost souls that need guidance, even though you haven’t seen the inside of a church in 20 years. We’re not getting any younger. Kids today know it all. They don’t want to be saved; just want the 401k, jewelry and the property. Is that success?

Before a rebuttal is presented, I admit I have homework about my love of neighbors, so does Russia. The world is troubled; no kindness or decency. I pray for peace and the Ukrainian people. God’s got this. The Lord is my savior and shepherd. I shall not want, but the IRS and City Hall does. Pray for peace. Lord knows what we need.




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