An example of the pot calling the kettle black

If there was ever a finer definition of the saying, ‘The Pot Calling The Kettle Black’ was in the front page bottom headline AP story on Friday Jan. 7 ‘Biden warns of U.S. peril from Trump’s ‘dagger’ at Democracy? Many observers in politics are saying “that Biden doesn’t remember what he said or done 15 minutes ago!” Before he accused Trump as a threat to Democracy doesn’t he remember pressuring and politicizing The U.S. Justice Department and the FBI to investigate parents that are opposed to School Boards decisions?

A letter to Biden by the (NSBA) National School Board Association came up with a new accusation against opposing parents which can carry a prison term of being domestic terrorists, and violations of the Patriot Act, all for being concerned about the welfare and education of their children. The late Joe McCarthy must be laughing in his grave as he warned the public in the 1950’s of outside radical sources taking over the schools, and other takeovers of public institutions, only to be censured by his own people!

If the public can’t see something terribly wrong with the government, they never will. The great majority of the demonstrators at the Capital last year were peaceful, and only a very small group were cohered by paid informants! How come an unarmed woman was shot coming through a window, and nobody else was? Many conflicting stories are that the guards let them in. Hopefully, the truth will prevail.

The Antifa mobs last Summer were permitted in several states to burn down buildings, and Imprison several blocks in cities. I refuse to believe that a police station was shut down because of mob rule. The entire world must know by now that we are in big trouble.




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