In response to the letter on electric vehicles

In response to a letter to the editor on Saturday Oct. 16 by Tom V. stating that electric vehicles are ten times more polluting than a gas vehicle. It is just not true and I believe most readers realize this. Here is the truth. I have a plug-in hybrid that will go 30-35 miles in electric before switching to gas (30 in winter – 35 in summer). It is quiet and fast. It travels these miles using 10.2 Kwh of electrical energy. PIE&G charges me 12 cents per Kwh for a cost of $1.23 for 30-35 miles. The CO2 given off for a gallon of gas used in a standard car is 20 lbs. Using PIE&G’s mix of energy sources (20% coal, 20% natural gas, 20% renewable and 40% nuclear) my hybrid gives off 6.3 lbs of CO2. An electric car gives off less than a third of the pollution of a gas car period. I don’t see the problem with global warming.

We have had some great warmer summers lately in northern Michigan and the winters have been so nice and mild. I love the sound, power and smells of a gas motor and certainly don’t want to give them up, but the electric vehicle is way less polluting.




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