News is not winning trust of conservatives

The Aug. 16 edition of The Alpena News contained an article about a national research project in which The News participated concerning how to win back the trust of conservatives. That effort was a failed exercise on the part of The News. The News continues to rely on the Associated Press (AP), without any effort on The News’ part to use editorial control.

The AP and The News continue to paint conservatives in a harsh light while lionizing those on the far-left. The Jan. 6 incident continues to be called an “insurrection,” while the riots of 2020 are still “peaceful” demonstrations. People are being held in prison, for nine months now, for “trespassing,” while summer of 2020 rioters are out free.

President Joe Biden encourages illegals crossing the southern border. Illegals with the virus from China and other diseases are let into the country without screening, while true U.S. citizens are fired from their jobs for refusing government vaccine mandates. Biden and crew ignore a Supreme Court directive to reinstate the Stay in Mexico policy without any pushback.

The Biden administration has reigned over inflation, out-of-control government spending, illegal migration, an Afghanistan debacle, and has destroyed trust with allies. Biden himself is a demented, feeble, and corrupt individual, as well as his entire family. Is there any in-depth investigation or condemnation to all of this by the AP or the News? The answer is NO to both questions.

If The News wants to gain trust from the conservative part of the electorate, it must take responsibility for what it prints. This country is headed for insolvency and destruction. The cause is leftist Democrats and the complicit national and local news media. But then, they are all one in the same aren’t they?

Win back conservatives? You are not accomplishing that goal.


Rogers City


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