Adults using kids to push their own agendas

There is a group of parents and political party leaders that are encouraging others to join a homeschool co-op. This would be comical if it wasn’t so sad. Mr. Mantas preaches that children should not be taught from a politically biased curriculum. I agree, facts should be taught to children, not a politically sponsored package of education.

If parents choose to indoctrinate their children into extremist views, such as those posed by Mr. Mantas then do that. The idea that a “…pro-America, America-first, and patriot-leaning…” curriculum isn’t innately racist, sexist, and nationalist is the most laughable part of the entire thing. You now have a political leader, pushing pro-Trump curriculum, backed by Qanon conspiracy theorists and GOP Trump loyalists. Mr. Mantas, you are doing the exact same thing that you claim the liberals are doing. You are endorsing the full politicalization of children’s education.

I applaud Mr. Rabbideau for continually educating parents what critical race theory is. This concept is far more complex than children are capable of understanding. It’s also become evident, these concepts are beyond some adults comprehension, as well. So again, it is laughable that Mr. Mantas and his cohorts continue to push the falsity that this is being taught to children.

The basis for the rebellion against APS is not due to anyone worrying about their children. It is a group of adults, upset over a lost election, hiding behind their children to push a false political narrative. Adults have now brought children into the fight against masks and education. Being that many other extremist groups use the youth as tools, it is no surprise that is what the Trumplicans are doing. Children are being sacrificed in order for a group of adults to feel as though they are correct, that’s the sad part.




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