Silence not an option with new Texas law

Upon hearing about the new Texas law restricting a women’s right to an abortion, silence was not an option! Being a pro-choice advocate, and a supporter for all women’s issues, this new law is absolutely abominable, chilling in its attack on women — their bodies, choices and lives. Then we have the Supreme Court, along with five sitting cowards, afraid to act, using their conservatism and personal convictions, to deny women the inalienable right to choose and any measure of hard fought equality. Texas stands as a perversion of justice, fairness; inequality barreled through the Texas courts, full of patriarchal white men, ignorant of women’s needs, fears and hopes,

This law cannot stand, we, as a people, must rise up, voicing our anger, our dissent at this aberration of who we are.as individuals, 50% of us, women. This Texas law restricting abortion, resonates an archaic setback for women’s equality. All of us need a safe place to voice our concerns, feel validated, receive equal pay, equal employment opportunities, freedom from sexual harassment in all its form, paid maternity leave and accessing and receiving the best medical care, free of female stereotypes of size, appearance and overall perceived value, income or circumstances: guaranteeing these rights to all women, wherever they live.

If I can leave one legacy to my daughter and daughter-in-law: speak up, speak out, never accept second best, inequalities or believe that the status quo is always right. Strong women create change, their value as advocates for other women and children remains without measure — support them, help them, validate them and listen to them. Men, women need your voice, power and talents to help and advocate for all women ensuring their access to the same rights and opportunities you have.




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