Must vote out most of the APS school board

Two weeks ago, I went to my first Alpena school board meeting. I am sad to say all but one school board member needs to be voted out. The exception is Eric Lawson.

Parents, please get your kids out of Alpena Public Schools. I was a single mom and homeschooled or sent my daughter to a private school. It was not easy, but our children should be what we cherish most in this world, they need to be protected.

This school board only believes in being politically correct, they do not have your children’s best interest at heart. They voted to make the bathrooms co-ed for the transgender students.

Why don’t they instead make a unisex bathroom for the transgender students. The other students should not be subjected to the opposite sex.

Parents, these schools need your children for the money, so if enough children go elsewhere, they will have to change their rules.

Please vote these people out.

Thank you,




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