APS must open eyes, seek truth about masks

The division in this country couldn’t be more evident than what was on display at last Monday’s Alpena School Board meeting. One side claimed the “higher ground” by wearing their masks and stating they’re following the science. The opposing side without masks widely outnumbered the other. This side not only demonstrated the adverse effects of wearing a mask, but also testified to the mental, social, emotional, educational and physiological harm wearing a mask has upon our children.

The science is clear; masks on children are unnecessary, harmful, and do not work! Even the “revered” Doctor Fauci has flip-flopped on the effectiveness of masks.

Unfortunately the mask supporters are being duped by a corrupt, complacent and compromised establishment media who no longer seeks, nor reports the truth. If they were interested in truth, then why are they censoring, deplatforming, and debunking all opposing information? Why don’t they embrace an open mind, and examine and report all evidence? They are obviously hiding something.

I encourage the superintendent and school board to open their eyes, seek the truth and not be further deceived. To stop cowarding in fear, drunk on the cool-laid poured out by a narrative driven mainstream media complex. I implore you to do what is right, to stand for truth, and establish policies that enhance the learning experience. Our children deserve nothing less.




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