Thoughts on hospital care and public flags

This letter is covering two subjects:

First of all: I have recently finished chemotherapy and radiation at the Alpena Cancer Center. I am grateful to my doctors and their staff for my wonderful care and their caring . Going into this process was very intimidating, but you made it almost easy for me. I’m grateful to Dr. Hitzelberger and Dr. Lacerna, I want you to know that you have a wonderful staff and how much I appreciate them. I’m also grateful to Dr. Paulsell and to your staff.

Second subject: I would like to know who is in charge of public flags. I am assuming it’s a city employee, but do not know. This letter is directed to you. You should really be embarrassed to have let the flag flying at the courthouse get in such a deplorable disrespectful condition. Can you imagine at the Memorial Day service looking up at our wonderful flag, to see it dirty and tattered? I hope you replace it immediately, if not, I will keep writing letters like this one.




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