If it walks, quacks and looks like a duck…..

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and looks like a duck- It’s a duck! Joe Biden has been in office for about four months. It has been an embarrassment to watch him perform. The only supposed “open” press conference he held was a disaster. Hand-selected reporters, pre-ordained questions, cue cards he had to sort through before he could respond. On May 16, he stated “I am not supposed to answer those types of questions.”

Who is pulling the strings here that our president can’t answer any types of questions?

I am not an insider to what goes on behind closed doors. Watching what has gone on for the past four months is pathetic. To see the ineptitude of the man, his inability to speak clearly, his “where am I?” confusion, leads me to an assumed decision.

I believe Joe and the radical left wing of his party had a sitdown some time last year and it went like this. “Joe, you have been wanting to be the president for 40 plus years. We can put you there because of your name recognition. In exchange, you are to be a figurehead only. You can wear the hat, be the man, accept the accolades, but we call the shots. (thus the statement “I am not supposed to answer –“) Joe saw this as his last attempt to fulfill his lifetime ambition and said “OK”. At that point he sold his soul to the radical left. How did I come to this conclusion? Read the first line of this letter again.




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