No ‘howevers’ or ‘buts’ with Second Amendment

The Friday, May 14 issue of The Alpena News contained a guest editorial by Jeffrey Brasie titled, ‘On America’s Second Amendment.’

Brasie states in the middle of the article ‘I personally support the Second Amendment’ and the very next word he writes is ‘However.’ You either support the 2A or you don’t, no ‘however’ or ‘but.’

The 2A was included in the Bill of Rights by our Founders specifically so that if faced with a tyrannical government or an outside threat the citizens could rise up and protect their freedom. There is no mention of hunting or sports use. The 2A states “the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Check your copy of the Constitution and see how many times and how the word ‘People’ is specifically used. The militia when the Constitution was written was every able-bodied citizen. Well-regulated meant that the citizens were supposed to supply themselves with adequate arms and supplies and be able to defend themselves and country. The citizens of that day owed arms equal to or better than many of the militaries of the time. It takes a lot of twisting to ignore the words “shall not be infringed” written in the 2A.

If you support what actions are being taken now to make the 2A an orphan Amendment as Justice Clarence Thomas calls it, let’s look at voting. What ruckus would be raised if you were required to undergo a background check to vote; if you were required to attend and pass an educational program to vote; if you were required to undergo a mental examination to verify your fitness to vote; if your right to vote could be canceled simply on the word of a relative, neighbor, or acquaintance saying you weren’t fit to vote?


Rogers City


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