What’s the point of an Equality Act Bill?

What’s the point of an Equality Act Bill? An adult already has the right to choose their sexual preference and change their gender. The point is, the Equality Act Bill is not to ensure the rights of the LGBTQ community, but to impose on the rights of others that do not share their opinions. It targets two groups of people. First, the bill targets innocent children. Decisions of gender change will be allowed to take place before these children will be able to comprehend the consequences of their choices, choices that will be irreversible.

Second, Christians who believe in God’s word and stand on biblical principles will be forced to choose between their faith and this ungodly law. Christian schools, youth camps, colleges, churches, will be accused of not following the Equality Act, even though it goes against their moral beliefs and standards.

The point is, this is not about equality. It’s about silencing the church and everyone else that would dare to say these sexual acts are wrong and not acceptable to God according to His word, and to silence those who wish to protect the minds and innocence of our children.

The point is, just like in the children’s story “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” no one had enough guts to tell the emperor that he was naked and had no clothes at all. It’s time to speak up against sexual immorality, declare that there is a right and wrong, get a backbone to stand for our Christian faith and not cave to every Godless point of view that comes wrapped in the package of equality.




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