Time on earth is short, get out and enjoy life

Never forget that our rights and freedom are given to us by God. In this COVID-consumed madness that has been thrust upon us, it’s no longer popular to say ‘God’ or ‘Individual Rights’ but to deny both is to deny our birthright. To willfully accept this is not only an abomination before God, it is totally irresponsible to give away the rights of all future generations of Americans for temporary “safety.” The hypocrites who impose lockdowns, mask compliance and isolation from the love of others, are the same people who go about life doing whatever they please without compliance or adherence to their own mandates. Remember our God, exercise your individual rights and live the freedom we have been blessed with. Enough is Enough. Life is short, we all will die at some point, so don’t waste the little time you have left, get out and enjoy this short time on earth before it’s over.




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