Just a thought on the insurance industry

So I heard on the radio the other day that the insurance industry is close to $1 billion in claims due to the “peaceful protests”. We all know insurance companies are not nonprofits and they pass their losses on to their customers in the form of increased premiums. Why not pass legislation that they can only pass on the losses incurred in a state to that state’s policy holders.

Let’s take Portland for an example; those losses from the riots, looting and arson (oh, excuse me) from Portland’s peaceful protests can only be passed on to the residents of Oregon. Seems to me if the people of Oregon want their government officials to allow that insanity to be going on for months on end they should be the ones paying for it and not policyholders living in other states.

Now to figure out how to get Californians to pay for the riot inciting rhetoric Maxine Waters traveled to Minnesota to spew should be next on people’s list. I’m sure the details could all be worked out if enough of our congressional leaders would grow a backbone and be less concerned with their re-election.




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