In response to Connie Schultz’s column

In response to your Syndicated Columnist, Connie Schultz, in the March 19 paper. She seems to think that Christian people are showing hate to the homosexuals and those who say they are transgender. Marriage was ordained by God between male and female way back in Genesis in the Bible. This has been the normal for hundreds of years. Those who say they are transgender are those who choose not to accept how God made them. They are saying God made a mistake and live a lie. Those who make bad choices in life always have to pay the consequences of their choices. The Christians love those people enough to let them know that God doesn’t approve of their lifestyles and God will be their judge. Why are they trying to push their lifestyle on others? I wouldn’t hire a drunk nor someone I knew that stole or someone who always told lies. Sin is sin no matter how you like to dress it up. Christians love the sinners, but hate their sin. Thank God for Christians who will hold high their morals and Christian principles.




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