Be careful or this country will self-destruct

Good morning Mr. Hinkley. The IMF force has asked for some investigating matters of this character that he and others call President. This man is unconsciously destroying this country. During this COVID-19 crisis, businesses throughout the country had to comply with much costly regulation, and yet he broke the law and permitted illegal aliens entry, and to roam around freely without any scrutiny! Mr. Hinkley, this is not irresponsible but criminal!

Why has big government intimidated credit card banking facilities in the DC area for the sole purpose of finding out who was in the DC area during the Capitol riots, yet the antifa thugs that just about burned down several cities out West were granted amnesty?

Other matters of investigation Mr. Hinkley: why are antifa thugs running around creating havoc with impunity? In Seattle recently, a citizen was arrested for defending himself while thugs damaged his vehicle?

In San Diego, the local government advertised money handouts to the homeless stating “Whites Excluded!”

Also under investigation Mr. Hinkley, there were 50 court cases reported by Judicial Watch in which American judges ruled in favor of Sharia law and not USA law!

Mr. Hinkley: Treason, unconstitutional conduct, and violation of Oath of Office are anymore invalid words!

COVID-19 is not the only epidemic but lawbreaking, and it’s at epidemic proportions! Therefore if you accept this mission, this Constitutional organization will disavow any knowledge of your actions.

Careful Mr. Hinkley, time is vital! This country will self-destruct shortly!




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