A response from a conservative voice

Which conservative voice are you looking to hear? Various conservative voices can be commonly heard or followed in history, politics, religion, economics and constitutional settings.

I always gravitate toward history and our constitution. Importantly, conservatism is no longer counter balanced by classical liberalism. That voice has been neutered and locked away. Individual conservatives are, therefore, struggling to come to grips with ever expanding progressivism and socialism ideals. Both ideals offend my personal sensibility. The AP information feed you receive and print as truth is, more often than not, tainted and rarely questioned by a balanced source or voice. Each individual who writes in the world according to AP varies from their collective truth. AP information is not useful unless you actually attempt to compare and contrast each story you print from that single voice.

Through my curious eyes and mind, I consistently turn to the symbolism of teeter-totters, which can be adjusted to make it possible to balance the larger and smaller riders. I consider the pendulum clocks, which repeat a balanced tick and tock. The cycle of the four seasons is predictable and repetitive. Lastly, I listen to my heart and gut. I suppose this might well sound a bit weird, but it works for me. Each of the images above demonstrates clear beginnings, endings, rhythms, cycles and truth. They are not a single unchallenged voice.

You can always be certain that my conservative voice will not seek to inflict pain or lie. It will continue to teach and suggest clear alternatives to the potential darkness I can almost touch. My homeland is in great danger. Having become nationally comfortable with complacency, apathy, and dependence, we are all but a single voice away from our return to bondage.




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