U.S. headed in wrong direction under Biden

I wonder if the people who voted for Biden have noticed that our country is going to “hell in a hand basket?” If you haven’t , here a few things you should know:

1. He immediately reversed most of President Trump’s accomplishments.

2. He shut down the Keystone XL pipeline, putting hundreds of people out of work.

3. He has created a border crisis of mega proportions, adding to our pandemic.

4. He is under someone’s control at all times not letting him speak when asked questions.

5. He has not held a press conference in over 50 days since he became president.

6. The few times he has been allowed to speak he becomes confused, not knowing where he is and can’t remember the names of people he knows.

I am so very sad to see what this man is doing to our country and you all should be too. You should have paid attention to his decline before Election Day.




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