Money won’t stop evil in Congress, White House

Money, Money, and More Money…

So here we are with the biggest Stimulus bill we have ever seen. Money is going to everyone and everywhere. Aren’t we lucky? We have a president who doesn’t know up from down and looks like a warmed-over-death. He has his vice president right there with him and most of the time his wife, you know the Dr! We have illegals coming across our Southern border testing positive with the COVID-19 virus and then getting on buses and going wherever they want? We are seeing the worst possible scenario happening in our great country and it only gets worse every day! Jobs are being destroyed, people are being told to get the vaccine, but Biden says we still need to keep our masks on and keep our distance from one another or he might close us down again!

You may think the money the government is sending out will cure the evil here in our country, but it won’t cure the evil in Congress and in the White House. We are under a dictator who can barely take care of himself much less our country! If WE THE PEOPLE expect to survive what is going on, if WE THE PEOPLE expect to have a future then we must speak out as loud as we can to make Washington DC listen to what we are demanding. If we don’t stand up and elect leaders who will fight for us against this Democrat/Liberal/Socialist takeover we will not have a future even with all the money and debt the Biden/Harris Administration can throw at us and we as a nation, once a GREAT NATION, will perish and die!




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