If you tell a big enough lie, people will believe

In a recent letter of the editor, I chastised your printing of the drivel by Jeffrey Greene. Obviously, you have not learned. Your article about marijuana licensing is my case in point (Feb. 1, 2021). You will rebut by stating that the article was an Associated Press reprint. This argument falls under the heading of urban legend: one of those stories that will be told and repeated around the campfires for generations to come, of how the Black community has been subjugated, treated differently and unfairly.

The interviewee touches the hot buttons of “other rich, or white males” that she had heard about. No names! A page taken out of the politician’s playbook: plausible, but unsubstantiated allegations.

She goes on to state the other people she talked to told her that their vetting process was different from hers. This could be true; but she fails to qualify the comparison that these people were from the same community. The process from Rogers City would probably be different than the vetting in Alpena. Is this unfair?

I repeat: If you tell a big enough lie, often enough, people will believe.

I quote the reporter’s lament: a few facts can spoil a good story.


Rogers City


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