Blame people, not guns, for gun violence

I have been following the tragic shootings in Colorado. Immediately the country goes up in arms about guns. The President comes on TV to stop the “gun violence.” Would anybody like to ban automobiles that kill many, many more people than guns? We blame the gun when it is used by some crackpot. But we blame the drunk that kills using a vehicle. We did not blame the box cutters that were used to kill pilots in the twin towers and other attacks. There are many worn out phrases that have been used “Guns do not kill people.” People use guns to kill people. No gun has ever come alive and killed someone. No vehicle sneaks out of the driveway at night and kills people. Somehow the “do gooders” think by banning guns the problem will go away. Not true. The old adage that when guns are banned, only the bad and sick people will have guns. There is no way we can ban cars, box cutters and guns to prevent their illegal use. Calm down. Put the responsibility where it belongs. The persons using these objects are to blame. Put your misguided efforts toward curing sick minds and everyone will be better off.




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