Wondering if we can we all just get along

No we can not! Republicans think Democrats are people with bad ideas, but Democrats think Republicans are bad people with ideas. If you disagree with a Democrat, you are racist, facist or wait for it, a Nazi. We as Americans used to have common ground, but in the age of social media and cancel culture, those days are gone. If you dare say that we should investigate the 2020 elections you are banned from Facebook and Twitter. Even though the Democrats have spent the last four years talking about some nonsense Russia collusion, of which there is zero evidence. But yet thousands of obvious cases of voter fraud and election manipulation are conspiracy theories. The Democrats are impeaching our President again with no evidence, just opinions. It’s not good enough to win, even under questionable circumstances, but the Democrats have to completely destroy anyone who supported President Trump. So no, there is no getting along. Work hard so we can take our country back in 2022 and 2024.




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