Wondering if true unification is possible?

Do you believe in the concept of unity? I do.

Unity, by definition, is “the quality or state of not being multiple, of oneness.”

The pandemic of 2020 struck and terrorized so many, causing excruciating pain and sorrow. Very few were left unscathed by its far-reaching tentacles.

In its wake, I see a hurting and divided nation, one that has experienced death, depression, sickness, isolation, anxiety, fear, job loss, anger, resentment, and so much more.

On a positive note, I believe Alpena to be an amazing and beautiful community. I have had the honor to live most of my life in Northern Michigan. It is my home. I love the natural beauty, the brisk changes of seasons, and I love the people.

I hold much hope for the following generations. I am the mother of two young daughters who I hope will become strong, kind, educated women. How you chose to vote in the 2020 elections matters little to me: what matters is the future of our children and our community.

As these unprecedented times of uncertainty continue it seems more difficult to care, to even desire to unify. But perhaps we all can be a part of the solution. Maybe we are the solution.

Perhaps we can be slower to judge others and quicker to forgive, to reach out to a hurting neighbor.

Perhaps we can listen more without jumping to conclusions; no one truly knows the trials each individual faces on a daily basis.

Perhaps we can try to embrace our differences, using our diversity to promote positive, personal growth.

In 2021 I have committed to be more thankful, and I am going to challenge myself to prioritize practicing love and unity.

Thank you for your time; I wish you nothing but the best.

Tatum Jennings

Alpena County


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