Time to get restaurants back to full capacity

Will our restaurants, taverns, fast-food and bars be able to have consumers dine-in for very long now they’ve reopened for dine-in service. All of these businesses plus many non-food businesses have done their part according to Governor Whitmer, CDC and Health Department.

Before any more businesses go bankrupt and more people file for unemployment; I would think it’s time for Governor Whitmer to compromise. All businesses food and non-food should be able to operate as normal, except they need to test customers’ temperatures with a laser thermometer. This is being done in other countries; even here when you have a medical appointment. Other countries even allow their employees to wear shields vs. masks. Entrance would be denied to those including their group if they have a fever. The businesses have sacrificed enough. Let’s get them up and operating at full capacity.

Gov. Whitmer, your decision to close dine-in establishments is because they can’t wear their mask while eating. How is this different when people are getting gasoline (no-mask and no social distancing)? Declare health reasons they can’t wear a mask (understandable, but not accepted). There is no reason for someone to not wear a mask or shield because all the businesses have gotten creative by offering curb-side or home delivery.

Let’s go out dinner tonight!


Presque Isle


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