Thankful to Trump for Operation Warp Speed

All summer the Democrats and the media (one in the same) were saying it takes 3-5 years to develop a vaccine. When Trump said we may have a vaccine before the end of the year, they all said it was just more “Trump Lies!” They would push the line that we must “Follow the science. Vaccines take 3-5 years. Shut everything down.”

Now that we have several vaccines, all these “follow the science” Democrats are getting in line for these IMAGINARY vaccines. Is there a “Thank you President Trump”? Nope, just a “Glad Trump can’t lie anymore.”

We should all be so thankful that we had a President Trump to “LEAD and PUSH the science”, and lead and push government agencies and private sector companies to where we are today. As great as all Trump’s accomplishments are, his Operation Warp Speed may be his greatest. Thank you President Trump.

Kevin Gertgen,



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