Thankful for MidMichigan Medical Center

I was in the ICU for 4 days with COVID-19 and pneumonia at MidMichigan Medical Center about the time Dr. Victory claimed (in the article in the February 6th paper) unsafe conditions. I spoke to the staff regarding equipment and supplies and they assured me they were available as needed. I commented that it was a good thing the hospital chose MidMichigan Medical with whom to become affiliated. Several staff members commented it was a positive step, but one that many staff did not like because MidMichigan had such high standards that some staff did not adhere to and so chose to or were asked to leave. It makes me wonder what Dr. Victory’s most recent evaluation stated. Perhaps this big splash she has created is “sour grapes” because she could not or would not comply with the higher standards required of MidMichigan staff. I received first-class care in a first-class facility.

Ann-Marie Ruder

Presque Isle


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