Speer has always supported Northeast Michigan

Bill Speer has been a steady and strong supporter for Northeast Michigan and more important Alpena and his leadership to keep the printed press alive, when so many cities in the USA have lost their local paper. I recalled meeting Bill for the first at a 7 a.m. coffee group known as the Section 8 club at the Big Boy by the Bridge on Chisholm Street in 1997 as a guest of MSP Lt. Robert Kraft. This was bunch of loyal Alpena gentlemen having coffee almost daily to chat about the hopes and future of the Alpena area.

My visits to Alpena after retirement I always meet Bill for coffee at Gen Ars. He was always supporting Alpena; I think the attempt to respond to the MEDC to place an RFP for the new Boeing Jet to be built in Alpena, in three days, led by the late County Chairman Len Zolnierek, that did receive the State rating, being the best RFP and their top proposal created great hope in Alpena This was one of Bills biggest news stories, if Alpena can come together on this type of economic development. Bill’s leadership and staff at the News focused this hope to change how to approach economic development in Alpena, and that happened.

This Edgar A. Guest famous verse: I received when I retired:

I like to think when life is done,

that I had filled a needed post.

That here and there I would pay my fare.

With more than idle talk and boast:

That I have taken gifs divine,

The breath of life and manhood fine,

And try to use them now and then

In service for my fellow man.

Thanks Bill, you have lived this verse well. Keep up the

Good work during those retirement years.

James Peltier,



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