President Biden is already creating havoc

I thought Mardi Gras was in New Orleans. The News lately appears like they moved it to Washington. The useless impeachment hearings are just another diversion to keep people’s minds off the Southern border.

The News said recently that the Border Patrol was forced to let the immigrants in and without any health examinations or character. This is the most irresponsible, reckless act by Washington in the history of this country, especially while COVID-19 is still active. To add insult to injury, these were housed in Texas motels and hotels at taxpayer expense. I’ve never seen so much contempt and disdain against Americans. Name anywhere on this planet that its government would do anything as stupid as this. The answer is they want to destroy this country.

The planners are already preparing areas throughout the country with high density housing to be financed by property taxes. Biden signed an unconstitutional order that forces this insanity upon the people and makes local governments and zoning laws with no leverage.

As the planners dust off the old broken records, you soon will be hearing their songs again with titles like “They will do jobs that Americans won’t do” and the hit song, “There is a shortage of engineers,” sung by big business. This matter must also have some mandated religious overtones like the religious groups that sponsored the mess of aliens in Minneapolis from Somalia. They belong there like an Inuit belongs in Key West.

Within less than six months, Biden has created havoc, including the oil industry. Notice the price of gas lately? With President Trump, I don’t remember it going past $2.25 a gallon. Columnist Star Parker said Trump was taking us with less government and an independence on foreign oil. Biden is the other way!




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