Commissioners sabotage health, small business

Well, well, well, after a year of saying and doing nothing to help our community deal with the devastating effects of the pandemic, the Republican Commissioners decide to sign a resolution to sabotage us all.

Even though health experts tell us to continue wearing masks and social distance, the Republicans think they know better. “No need to follow the health guidelines because they limit my freedom.” Really?

If my father was still alive, he would be so ashamed of these people whining about freedom and liberty. He gave four years of his life to fight in World War II for our freedom. He didn’t whine.

Back home, we were all asked to sacrifice. Cars, tires, gas, fuel oil, coal, firewood, nylon, silk, and shoes were rationed. We used ration cards and stamps to get a meager share of meat, dairy, coffee, fruits, jams, lard, and cooking oils. We grew Victory Gardens – we didn’t whine.

And guess what happened when the war was over – voila! – our freedoms returned.

Spring and summer are just around the corner and our small businesses depend a great deal on tourist dollars. How willing will tourists be to vacation in Alpena when protecting our public health is a joke?

The end result of this shameful resolution? Our health and economic recovery are once again sabotaged by Republicans. It may be time to start whining!

Elaine Stenger,

Alpena Township


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