Opinion ad should be labeled as an opinion

Dear editor:

First, I would like to commend you for your honest and clearly written editorials in The Alpena News, I am very happy to have you there.

Second, I am extremely bothered by a column that has appeared in the weekend edition of the Alpena News for at least the last three weekends, written by Jeffrey Greene of Presque Isle.

Mr. Greene’s column is full of unsubstantiated “reports of malfeasance” presented as facts. Nowhere on the page or near his opinion piece does it state that it is the opinion of the author. Yes, it is signed by Mr. Greene (who also took out a full-page ad for his financial business in the same edition this past weekend) are we to assume it’s his opinion? Because it isn’t on the opinion page and is a full column entitled “Clear Logical Thinking” on the business page, it appears to be a news piece which most readers trust to be fact.

Why has this column not been designated “opinion” or “guest column”? Why does it appear on the business page as news? Did he pay for his column?

In light of the recent tragic events and death in our nation’s Capitol, I strongly believe opinion and news in our papers should be very clearly distinguished no matter what we individually believe.




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