Expressing appreciation for everyday heroes

Thankfully, the year 2020 is now in our rear-view mirror. The COVID-19 pandemic brought so much pain and sadness for many and shone the light on everyday heroes that helped us get through 2020. The list of everyday heroes is endless, but workers in health care, teachers, retail, restaurant, postal, emergency services, banking, media, transportation, military, sanitation, social services, charities and so many more, deserve our thanks in a big way.

A big thank you as well goes out to all the veterinary offices and humane shelters. These folks kept the pets we love healthy and the animals that don’t have a home safe, warm and cared for. The caring workers at both of these places always do such good work, but especially in 2020 under difficult and challenging circumstances. The animals can’t say thank you, but we can … thank you for the job you do.

Welcome 2021, hopefully, a better and brighter year for us all.




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