Bergman did what he could for constituents

Once again, shock value and bias win out over “all the facts” and actual reporting.

TV 9and10 News used the siege of our U.S. Capitol video as background for announcing calls for Congressman Jack Bergman to resign for having the nerve to support a constitutional right.

Did any “news” station use the videos of the months-long burning of city businesses and federal buildings, take-over of city blocks, assaults on police and citizens while Joe Biden or Kamala Harris made rare appearances for a question or two? Did the “news” stations roll videos showing BLM protesters spitting in the faces of our police officers while Sen. Harris tweeted for funds to bail out those arrested during some of the unrest?

Rep. Bergman doesn’t need to resign or apologize for doing his job. Some of his constituents actually question why Republican poll watchers were prevented from monitoring absentee ballot counting at Detroit stations. Other questionable actions are also on video but the Michigan Court of Claims refused to hear the case because the Secretary of State was the wrong person to sue.

So, yes, many citizens who voted for President Donald Trump have questions and Congressman Bergman did what he could per our U.S. Constitution.




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