Alpena County Dems condemn insurrection

The Alpena County Democratic Party condemns in the strongest possible terms the coup attempt launched by President Donald Trump on Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021.

These insurrectionists, which include elected officials and the rioting mob, attempted to overturn the fair election of President-elect Joe Biden and thus our democracy.

To help Trump remain in office, they fought to assassinate members of the legislative branch.

Donald Trump MUST be convicted and barred for life from holding elected office. Any members of Congress who enabled or assisted this insurrection MUST be expelled and barred from holding elected office again.

And those inside and out of the government who participated in this illegal insurrection MUST be held criminally liable.

Actions have consequences. These domestic terrorists MUST be held accountable. This is the first step to restore our democracy, the first step to unity.




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