Your attitude would change if the virus took your loved one

I feel I must reply to Erica Shaw (Dec.12).

Erica, you say the media is “scaring the crap” out of the people and it has disrupted the “fun stuff.” Really?

Let me tell you about that. You’ve lost your “fun stuff” and we’ve lost a dear member of our family from COVID-19. It’s not “fun” to watch a loved one painfully struggle to breathe and speak with panic in their voice and eyes as the virus eats away at their lungs, only to die alone. Why?

Because a person who shares your same views and misinformation did not believe the virus can be serious nor in wearing a mask while working closely with our loved one.

I don’t know where you’re getting your nonsensical “facts,” but this sort of belief caused a wonderful man to leave us too soon.

For you who reject God-given science, reason, verifiable facts, and just plain kindness, and who are upset that you’ve had to give up the “fun stuff,” you might change your heart and mind if it happens to one you love.

Your cavalier and selfish attitude can cause someone to be left out of your 99.6%.




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