Recognition for the deep state and the media

I want to give a big applause to all the deep state players including mainstream media for how well they’re controlling and scaring the crap out of the U.S populous. With greater than a 99.6% chance of surviving COVID-19, you’ve disrupted nearly every facet of life, especially the fun stuff.

With your censorship, lies and deception, you’ve managed to divide friends and families with not only the COVID-19 narrative but also by using divisive politics! How ingenious! As more and more small businesses fail due to your draconian overreach via governors, mayors, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and health departments, you’ve perfectly set yourselves up to bankrupt small business owners and leave them with no choice but to enter your mega-corporate slave camps; Amazon, Google, Apple etc. We know where all that stimulus money went!

I’m so impressed with how you’ve convinced the governors and CDC to prevent doctors from prescribing medicines like hydroxychloroquine; even though doctors have been administering this for over 65 years to patients with arthritis, lupus and other autoimmune diseases. With the cost of the cure at only $20, I completely understand why you chose the super expensive death ventilators. Your profit matters most!

Magically you’ve hypnotized people into believing that suffocating themselves with a mask all day and distancing each other will keep them “safe”. Thoughtfully, you buried the truth behind that masks having caused bacterial pneumonia during the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic. Despite the ill effects of masks and lockdowns, i.e. off the charts CO2 levels, suicides, anxiety, depression and abuse to name a few, the masses are still under your spell and following your ritualistic ways.

I just wanted to give you the credit you deserve for rendering the U.S. constitution meaningless and for taking Americans’ rights away without most people even noticing! Well done!




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