Bergman needs to apologize for election suit

If Jack Bergman truly believes the document he signed that was submitted to the Supreme Court stating that the Michigan election results are invalid, then he needs to leave his office in January, because that makes his election also invalid.

If, however, he believes he was elected in November, then he is just a part of an attempt to take away the voting rights of Michigan citizens and destroy democracy.

Let us all remember that as a Marine, Jack Bergman took an oath to protect and defend democracy.

By signing his name on this document, he has spit in the face of every Marine, every service member and every service member’s family, especially service members who died defending democracy. Jack Bergman is a disgrace to the uniform and to the state of Michigan.

He needs to acknowledge that the document he signed was a mistake on his part and apologize to the military and to the citizens of Michigan for trying to take away their votes.


Presque Isle


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