Positives from Alpena Public Schools don’t go unnoticed

I feel like, lately, Alpena Public School families are quick to always point out the negatives publicly during these trying times of elementary schools transitioning to online learning but are oftentimes not so quick to share all of the positives.

My two stepsons attend Wilson Elementary School and we couldn’t be more happy with the quick and positive reassurance and guidance from both of their teachers.

These are weird, uncertain times for everybody, but I ultimately could not imagine this transition for our local teachers. Last year, the teachers were thrown into the unknown with little to no preparedness, but still made a positive impact on our children and their learning virtually.

I hope I can speak for all local APS families when I say that it has been truly amazing to see these last few days unfold and how the teachers have prepared themselves, the students, and the parents for what we are faced with today. It’s comforting to know that, although it’s not what we wanted to happen, these teachers have set themselves and our children up for complete success during a time when it’s everything but easy.

From the principals and bus drivers, to the custodians and instructional assistants all the way to the staff in the kitchen, secretaries, teachers and school board — we appreciate every accommodation and alteration you have had to make this year to keep our kiddos safe in addition to all of the time that you simply choose to dedicate to them. Miss Kowalski and Mrs. Gapske at Wilson School — a special thank you for all of your hard work and for setting the best example of the difference you can make with this change in education for your students and families.

It doesn’t go unnoticed.




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