Missing convenience, support of Neiman’s

To the supporters of local business:

I sure miss NEIMAN’S! I bet I’m not the only one. Especially the citizens of the south end of town who had the convenience of getting supplies just blocks from home was so wonderful. Many people prefer the smaller grocery stores over the big box stores as they are convenient and less hectic.

A hometown store, friendly workers who knew our name, and now it’s gone. NEIMAN’S gave so many kids their first job and Hal Neiman was a great community supporter and leader. He put so much of his heart and soul in his business and our town and did so much for all. We hope he is OK. I am sure he feels bad too. I hope we see the empty store supporting something soon. A grocery would be great and with a good bakery wouldn’t hurt.

Thanks Hal for the wonderful job you and your employees did for so many years in our community.




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