Media: 2020 election ‘ain’t over till it’s over’

The famous line by Yogi Berra of “it ain’t over till it’s over” is wonderfully suited for our recent election.

There have been zero electoral votes awarded, therefore no winner can be declared nor can there be until that event.

The media that is/has been on a relentless mission to destroy the current occupant of the White House since before he took the oath of office is telling the citizens who voted for him to suck it up and accept the results of the popular vote without questioning the result.

Video of vote counting where the windows are covered to obstruct the viewing of what is going on does not concern them. Ballots that are marked only for one person of one party with no further down ballot choices are of no concern to them. The fact that there are more votes cast than eligible voters in several states are of no concern. The fact that Donald Trump had several boat and other rallies that took place without him by thousands of people who wished to show their support are dismissed. The Hunter Biden laptop is treated as a hoax without any serious questioning by anyone of the media and mere mention online about it would result in your Twitter account being blocked. The results of all of our elections must be the true result of valid registered voters, otherwise we will have lost forever our ability to be truly free.


Presque Isle


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