If you blew the vote Tuesday, God help us

This letter was written before the election. It failed to make the deadline for publication before the election took place. That fact is now moot. But what remains is the reality of what would happen to our country if Joe Biden wins. My letter follows:

What if Biden, the likable, moderate Democrat and stalking horse candidate for president, won the 2020 election? And what if the president was removed for physical or mental disability? In this instance, the 25th Amendment would be invoked, and Vice President Kamala Harris would take over until the end of the term. Then President Kamala Harris, the most radical, liberal senator, who is unquestionably the proponent of a socialist and globalist ideology, takes over. Or, what if the president were removed for corruption and a gross degradation of our national security? He would not be impeached due to Democratic control of the House. We would have a compromised president unable to stand up to the hegemony of China, Russia, and Iran.

I suggest that conservatives would be right about the impending decline of the economy, our freedom, and our standing as the most free and strong country in the world. And moderate Democrats would be wrong and chagrined about the result of their vote. This puts us on a path to a great erosion of American exceptionalism, strength, freedom, prosperity, and our Constitution that would not be recoverable. What if you had thought about this and reconsidered your choice of Biden for president? You could have been a part of saving the United States from a disaster of biblical proportions for you, your children, and grandchildren. I hope you didn’t blow it. We will all have to live with the terrible consequences of your decision if you did. And if you did, God help us all.




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