Expressing appreciation for our Alpena News

Every business has appreciative customers and disgruntled customers. Newspapers included.

Lately, you have printed several letters from readers who are disgruntled. They have complained that The News is a poor quality publication. They have complained about the stories The News contains that are from the Associated Press news service.

I currently subscribe to four newspapers and I want to laud The Alpena News for the breadth of its coverage. Local newspapers in less populous areas, like the counties The News considers to be its coverage area, are dwindling at alarming rates. The cost of doing business is simply not met by income from advertising and subscriptions. It is critical that residents have access to high quality local reporting. Without local newspapers, that can not happen.

The News seeks to provide articles and opinion columns from local, regional, statewide, national and international perspectives. I do not always agree with those perspectives, but kudos to you for providing them. Too many of us nowadays get all of our information from a single source with a single perspective — like a preferred cable news channel. So narrowly one-sided have become our viewpoints that we do become disgruntled when we are reminded that other viewpoints exist.

So thanks, and keep up the breadth of your coverage.




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