Don’t give up on your responsibility to vote

I was appalled at the results of the recent online question, “Do you vote?,” that 38% said they do not vote. That’s more than one-third of the people polled. Why don’t you vote? We’ve heard it before, “My vote doesn’t mean anything.” Yes it does. If there is something on the ballot that is wrong or bad and you don’t vote and it passes, well, you voted for it, because you didn’t vote against it. Did you not learn the Constitution in school? It starts with “We The People.” Our forefathers gave us the responsibility and privilege to vote for people whose best interest is for us — the people.

If you are not one of “the people” then why are you in this country? There are lots of countries where people are not allowed to vote or have a say in what happens to them. I will never give up my responsibility to vote and you shouldn’t either. Get out and VOTE !!!!




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