Ed Black works for community, not prestige

Voters of Alpena and Montmorency counties,

I feel the need to speak up for someone who is extremely humble and doesn’t like to say a lot about himself. Judge Ed Black is a graduate of Michigan State University Law, a judge advocate (JAG) in the Army Reserve and the former prosecutor in Alpena County. Judge Black and his wife are active both personally and professionally in the Alpena area and you will often see them quietly volunteering their time for various groups. My interactions and observations of Judge Black have been that he is a fair, honest and hardworking person and seeks to keep the position not for the “prestige,” but rather because he truly wants to do what is best for the people of this community.

Judge Black is well thought-of and highly respected by colleagues, staff and those that have been in his courtroom. Although his wife is originally from Alpena, Judge Black is not, which I believe allows him to remain neutral in all cases, as a judge should be.

I am not related to Judge Black in any way and am simply writing this as I truly believe we should Keep Judge Black, and because sometimes the humble people in this world need someone to point out their outstanding qualities. If you haven’t already, take a look at his Keep Judge Black website and see where he asks donations for his campaign to go — that one simple act speaks volumes to his character.




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