Donald Trump accusations just plain wrong

To Don, Rogers City: Donald Trump’s “suckers” comment from anonymous sources was debunked. Even anti-Trumper John Bolton said it never happened.

Trump daily briefings: He’s got four Nobel Peace Prize nominations, took out two high-value terrorists, got out of the Iran deal (even Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said was bad), wiped Isis off the map, and more. He’s reading enough.

Putin’s puppet: When Ukraine asked Barack Obama-Joe Biden for help against Russian aggression, they sent blankets. Trump sent anti-tank missiles. Trump got NATO to pay MUCH more for defense. That’s just two Putin’s not happy about.

COVID-19: Trump shut down travel from Wuhan, and Biden called it racist. Two months later Biden admitted Trump was right. Biden’s COVID-19 plan is Trump’s plan, just five months late. Biden’s adviser Ron Klain said Biden bungled swine flu in 2009, but just got lucky.

Groping: Trump said you COULD, not that he DID. Biden’s accuser Tara Reade’s mother called Larry King about Biden’s groping. Even Kamala Harris believes Reade’s accusations.

Now to Biden: Obama’s Defense Secretary Robert Gates says Biden’s been wrong on every foreign policy decision, even being AGAINST the Bin Laden raid.

Biden’s family has profited greatly from his 47 years in government (Schweizer’s “Profiles in Corruption”). Obama-Biden cooked up the Russia Hoax to destroy the Trump presidency, also destroying people’s lives, like Gen. ,Michael Flynn. Where was “Buy American” (stealing Trump’s words, more Biden plagiarism) when Biden was getting NAFTA passed and factories moved overseas? Obama-Biden said “you need a magic wand to bring back manufacturing jobs,” but Trump brought them back. Biden just admitted that Trump’s USMCA is better than NAFTA.

Biden started his campaign because Trump said there were good Nazis. Even Politico said that was a lie. Biden’s just a corrupt, lying politician that gets nothing done.




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