10 reasons why I voted for Joe Biden this year

Why I voted for Joe Biden:

1. Joe Will bring back respect for America with our longtime friends and allies, developing nations and even our adversaries. They know they can believe what he says.

2. Joe will reengage America in the worldwide effort to address and confront the looming catastrophe of global climate disruption. We can’t afford to regress from this struggle for four more years.

3. Joe’s economic plans are forward-looking and will include ALL Americans. He will work toward narrowing the gap between rich and poor.

4. Joe will surround himself with experts and most importantly, he will listen to them and share in a transparent and honest way what is being planned. He will tell us the truth.

5. Joe and his team will once again move the country forward to protect our environment, clean air, and water.

6. Joe will be commander-in-chief, giving complete support and respect to our women and men in military service. He understands why they make the sacrifices they do.

7. As Joe has said, he will be the president for ALL Americans — not just those who voted for him. He will strive to lessen the divide and hate between Americans by emphasizing how we are more alike than different.

8. Despite great efforts to abolish Obamacare, Joe will work harder to ensure all in America will have affordable health care.

9. Joe is a good, honest man, as Cindi McCain has said as she acknowledges her support for him … even though she has been a lifelong Republican.

10. It won’t be easy, we probably won’t agree with Joe all the time, but he will be working hard for US all the time.




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